About The Name

People often ask where the name Donek came from. When we began making boards in 1987, a friend was breeding Donek Yugoslavian acrobatic pigeons. These birds dive doing an axial roll and fly faster than a peregrine falcon. Their speed, flight, and freestyle nature made the name Donek an obvious choice.

Technology Matters

Donek pioneered the use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment in board production. This equipment enables us to move from concept to prototype in about 6 hours rather than the 2 weeks most manufacturers require. Our integration of CNC equipment also makes it possible for us to produce custom boards completely tailored to individual riders at reasonable prices.

An ancillary benefit of our rapid development capabilities is that our understanding and implementation of new snowboard technology grows much more quickly than other companies’ advancement. We’re driven to improve our designs and processes, so we’ve invested in the technology that helps to make it possible.