This board turned more heads at the 2012 SES than any other.  A metal board that rides like an old glass board, but rides like a metal board.  It’s changing people’s opinion of what a metal board is.  We’ve incorporated our expertise in glass and metal constructions to provide the best of both worlds in a single board.  Riders have asked for it and we’ve delivered.

The Proteus is a carving machine designed for the expert rider who likes a board that gives back everything you give it. If you like a turn that ends with an explosion of energy that launches you through the air and into the next, this is one is for you. We’ve incorporated the latest in metal construction and shaping with a fixed radius sidecut to give you exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

Direct Price: $1100


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  • Vertical laminated sugar maple Symmetriflex core
  • 1 layer of full width rubber dampening
  • 2 layers of unidirection carbon fiber
  • bottom titanal layer machine to shape and burried inside the board to prevent impact damage
  • top titanal is full width edge to edge
  • top titanal predrilled to allow inserts to foat in the core, eliminating stress risers resulting from insert movement
  • IMS 4000 Electra sintered base
  • Die-cut base graphics
  • Full wrap Rockwell 48 edge
  • 8-pack stainless inserts with additional Vist inserts
  • high gloss PBT Topsheet with your choice of graphics


New Proteus is amazing. I rode it in Michigan’s U.P. this weekend.
I first rode my glass Donek 185cm freecarve and got the feel of the snow which had sections with granular ice and ultra firm/solid sections (early season…man made stuff). Multiple times down two different runs.

Then the Proteus down the same runs. (Note: I’ve never had a chance to run a metal board on ice….only at SES on hero snow).
The Proteus rode thru it like it was hero snow. I couldnt believe it. Perfect feedback. Carved thru the ice like it was butter. If I had made those turns on a glass board I would have ended up on my butt.
I also couldnt believe how comfortable I felt on the board from the very start. I mounted the bindings at home and never touched them on the hill. And the board has all of the spring and pop of my glass board. As a fellow engineer and a rider of 26+ years, I can really appreciate the design, the materials, the construction, and the craftsmanship. Tell your team THANKS!
It’s perfect. Good work!

Mike Blanz


Custom dimensions consistent with this construction available for $1100. Easily adjust the width to fit your foot or request different lengths at no extra charge.