3 Snowboard Storage Tips

The snow season may be lingering but some of you could be craving a bike, surfboard, or skate already. Whenever you decide your winter is done here are tips to help keep your snowboard, especially it’s base, in top condition and ready to ride for your next snowboarding adventure

Your friends at Donek suggest these three steps:

  1. Clean your base – There’s a lot of gunk and bad oils in spring snow that can deteriorate your base. We don’t always suggest using a full on base cleaner all season since that too can be harsh on your base, but we will suggest using one at the end of the season. This will make the wax bonding cleaner and stronger and to make sure those bad oils and off your base.
  2. Wax – Yes, wax your board. This is huge to help preserve the base. If you would like some help with waxing tips, check out this blog. A big part of this is using a non-fluorinated and universal temperature wax. A fluorinated wax is expensive to be used for storage and it may eat at your base, there’s a lot of chemicals in it. Be sure to hot wax but leave the wax on after it dries. The unscraped wax will provide some protection to your base and edges.  
  3. Store in a mild temperature place – One of the worst places for your beloved snowboard is a hot attic, garage or shed roof. The board and materials are meant to be cold, so a hot summer place is a bad idea for your snowboard. Show your snow stead some love and give it a place that’s as mild as possible for temperature.

Follow these simple steps to care for your snowboard and you will be ready to go on a summer trip to the snow or (fingers crossed) late fall riding. Whenever it comes, your snowboard will be ready to rip, just make sure you are too!