metalfc-from the deepFor the best snowboard designs go no further than Donek. What do we do different than the other guys? We handcraft and custom build each board for each one of our clients based on a number of technical and even personality centered factors. This in-depth consultation allows us to create a functional piece of art that acts like an extension of your body every time you carve up the slopes toward snowboarding bliss.

These factors are as basic as your height, weight, and build to your specific personality and snowboarding vision. If you are more of a quiet and serious sportsman or sportswoman you may be less inclined to ride a bright pink snowboard covered in black skull and crossbones. Conversely, if you are a type A person that is the life of the party and soaks all there is out of life with verve, you are less likely to ride a dark green board with pictures of seascapes.

Other factors we take into consideration when we design your board are your skill and experience levels. These important data points may influence the physical shape of your board giving you the best snowboard design possible for your comfort and confidence while sliding down the slopes.

So if you are looking for a unique snowboarding experience, look to Donek to design a board tailored to your specific desires, wants, and needs and rest assured you’ll get the best equipment allowing you an awesome experience every time you hit the mountain.