Catching up with Paralympian Evan Strong

We sat down with Evan Strong our gold medalist paralympian to see what’s been keeping him busy and what to expect over the season


What was the coolest thing you did this summer?

I got an invite by Andy McDonald to skateboard on the first ever Skater cross course in Southern California. The race course was mental!

You have a little girl, how do you feel about Donek making even smaller boards?

I would be stoked if Donek made grom boards. I have talked to Sean about making a little board for my 19 month old daughter Indie. It would be so rad if Indie’s first snowboard was a Donek.

Did you watch much of the Rio Games?

I did! My BX friends and I watched BMX all together. It got me fired up for my upcoming race season.

Do you ever go snowboarding in Hawaii?

No, not yet. I want to go to the big island of Hawaii and snowboard the volcano some day.

What are you looking forward to most about the 2016/2017 Season?

World Championships are in Big White, Canada, this year. I would be pumped to get a victory there.

Around how many contests and in how many countries will you compete in over the season?

Last year I got 24 race starts but this year will be less but I’ll race Netherlands, Finland, Colorado, Canada, Norway, South Korea and maybe Japan.

Have you had your test event for Pyeongchang 2018?

Not yet, but this season.I have never been to Asia before and I’m really looking forward to seeing the Olympic venues.

Gym training tips?

Heavy single legged dead lifts with box jumps then eat and then take a nap. You will get so strong so quick.

Surfing was just added to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, if the Paralympic Committee opens it up to para athletes will you go for it?

For sure! Since I grow up surfing it would be right up my alley. And it would be cool to be a winter and summer Paralympic athlete.

Anything to say to our readers?

Thanks for tuning in and you can find out more about my adventures at my website Have an epic winter season!