Donek Snowboards in Russin with Petekli.Pro Snowboard Camp in Russia

Want to ride some of the most pristine mountains in the world with a Donek Pro? Head to Russia and visit the Petelki.Pro snowboard school and Donek reseller.

Petelki.Pro is a highly experienced school which offers multiple-day courses and individual courses to assist riders in reaching their full potential on the slopes. This is all done on some of the most uncrowded and beautiful resorts. The regular courses are held on the slopes of Mount Aikuayvencher Ski Resort “Big Woodyavr” and the freeride option in Kashmir, India.

By the looks of their pictures, it seems like their clients have an amazing time carving and making snowboard friends, which is what this sport is all about.

Konstantine and Petelki.Pro has been a huge promoter of Donek, bringing the brand to one of the snowiest parts of the world and selling over a thousand Donek snowboards. We are very happy to have them in the Donek family.

The verdict is that it’s worth the trip to Russia! Check out everything Petelki.Pro has to offer on its YouTube and Instagram accounts.