Looking for Donek Team Members

After finalizing the invited members we are now looking for new members. We have four spots to fill for the US team and four for the global team. We are also opening up for ambassadors. If you think you have what it takes to be on the team please apply.

Application Rules

You have ONE week to submit a proper application. Applications after Tuesday, July, 20 will not be accepted.

Make a video that includes the following

1.) Name and where you are from, if you are applying for the international team please tell us which country you are applying for

2.) What is your best discipline or are you looking to be an ambassador? Boardercross, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Halfpipe, Slope, Backcountry, or Rails. If you are an instructor let us know where you teach, your level, and your teaching frequency.

3.) Snowboarding goals from last season (did you make them) and future snowboarding goals for next season and/or overall snowboarding goals

4.) Current snowboarding footage and pictures. Show us your talent!

5.) OPTIONAL – Extracurricular activities or sports

6.) Tell us what your favorite part from last season was. A win? A trick or skill? Snowboarding with someone special?

7.) MAJOR #1 – Why do you want to be on the Donek team?

8.) MAJOR #2 – What will you bring to the Donek Team?

DO NOT SEND IN A SEASON EDIT (aka snowboarding with music)

Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video.

If you need help with uploading the video follow this link

Email the video link to DonekTeamApplications@gmail.com

Please include in your email:

1.) Name, age, hometown, state, or country, and if you are applying for an athlete or ambassador.

3.) Anything else you may have missed in your video

The application deadline is Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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