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Are you ready to step onto the Podium for SBX racing? If so, then look no further than the Donek B-1 SBX Racing Snowboard. Designed to take your riding to the Next Level; whether you’re an aspiring USASA Athlete or chasing podiums on the Continental Cups. This SBX snowboard will provide you the stability, speed, and ease of turning that can help you step onto the Podium. It is a collaboration of passion; combining years of coaching, board design, and World-Cup experience to allow you to be the best you can be. Made right here in the U.S.A. NO customs, or duties like foreign SBX snowboard manufacturers. NO LONG WAIT for manufacturing and International shipping. Board lengths, side-cuts, taper, stance setback, materials all hand picked to bring you a racing experience like no other.

It’s time to be one with your snowboard!

It’s time for a Donek B-1, designed by Ross Hindman, built by Donek.


Available in 4 Models:
154 cm Length – 10.5m Side-cut – EE 131
(Youth, Teen, USASA, FIS)
159 cm Length – 13m Side-cut – EE 137
(Youth, Teen, Adult, USASA, FIS, Continental Cup)
163 cm Length – 15m Side-cut – EE 140.5
(Teen, Adult, USASA, FIS, Continental Cup, World Cup)
167 cm Length – 17m Side-cut – EE 144
(Adult, USASA, FIS, Continental Cup, World Cup)

Available in 3 Flex Patterns:
Soft Flex = 110-145 lbs./ 49-66 kgs. (154, 159, 163 cm only)
Standard = 145-175 lbs./ 66-80 kgs. (All Models)
Stiff Flex = 175 lbs. and up/ 80 kgs.+ (159, 163, 167 cm only)

Available in 3 Waist Widths:
Narrow – Below US Men’s 7.5 or Euro 40.5
Standard – up to US Men’s 10 or Euro 43.5
Wide – US Men’s 10.5+ or Euro 44+

Stance Width:
Center = 21.5″ or 54.5cm
(19.5″ to 23″) or (49.5cm to 58.5cm)

Available in 3 Base Materials:
(All base materials have been proven on the World Cup)
Wet Race Base:
Racing Base specifically for  Wet — Slushy conditions
Universal Race Base:
Racing Base for ALL Snow conditions and temperatures.
Cold Race Base:
Racing Base specifically for Colder more Aggressive Snow, reducing Static build-up.


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