Fintec Heel Kit


The Fin Tec Heel system is Bomber Outfitters’ step-in heel assembly for all compatible step in plate bindings.  Fin Tec heels are based from the current industry standard for all snowboard hardboots. These heel assemblies will fit in most currently available hardboots with step-in compatibility. This includes Deeluxe, Head and UPZ boots.

Fin Tec heels have these features:

Aluminum Main Case: incredible strength and reliability in the main body of the heels.

Bearing Sleeves for Main Pins: the Main Pins move with-in a composite bearing for super smooth action on entry and exit.

Hardened Steel Guide Pins: Steel pins guide and align the heel assembly into the receiver giving you a precise and accurate interface with the binding.

Replaceable Heel Pad: the Heel Pad is a replaceable item so you may put a new one in when needed. Also, being replaceable, we made the pad from grippy material to keep you off your rear-end.

Strong Cable and Handle Assembly: No broken cables here. Extra beefy cable was used to make for a reliable system. The new handle assemble is shaped just right for ease of grip and release.

Warrantee and Support: One year warranty and reliable Bomber support for any needs you have on these assemblies.

Please be aware that the Fin-Tec heels need to be used with a steel receiver.  Aluminum TD1 and TD2 receivers will not work.

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