Karving Block


Location: Mt. Hood Ordegon

Get ready to step up your snowboard game! Spend 4 days snowboarding with carving sensation Ryan Knapton, top instructor Giri Watts, and Olympian Katie Tsuyuki. Learn from a few of the best carvers on the planet and have a pile of fun doing it. 19+ in age and intermediate to advanced riders are invited to join the Karving Block Cut one July 13-18 or Cut two July 18-23. Each clinic will be customized to your group’s abilities and interests.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to Portland International Airport and/or Mt. Hood – Government Camp

Questions? Contact Katie at Donekmarketing@gmail.com

Cuts Include:

  • Coaching from Ryan Knapton, Giri Watts, and Katie Tsuyuki
  • Daily video analysis
  • $150 Donek Gift Card
  • Donek T-Shirt and hat
  • Demos on all our Donek models (including hardboots upon request)
  • Wax Clinic
  • Tasty food
  • Good times
  • Airport shuttle upon request
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