Saber BX

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Winningest BX board in the US

In the last 3 years no other BX board has been on the podium at USASA nationals more. The Donek Saber can claim a Gold, Silver and Bronze metal at Sochi under the feet of US Paralympic team members Evan Strong, Mike Shea, and Amy Purdy.

Race courses can get rutted up making it difficult to keep your line. The Saber incorporates modified camber profiles and additional rubber dampening to ensure the board keeps going where you point it. It’s sidecut geometry allows the rider to accelerate in every turn rather than slow down. The board is constructed with the fastest base material on the planet and the top tuners in the country say no other manufacturer in the world delivers a flatter running surface.

The board features a lengthened effective edge to keep you moving at top speed. Waist widths can be tailored to your needs at no extra charge. We can help you tailor this design to meet your needs in a Boardercross application or in the gates.

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