Snowboard Racing – Slalom, Giant Slalom, Banked Slalom

There are four disciplines of snowboard racing with an individual on course; slalom (S), giant

slalom (GS), parallel giant slalom (PGS), and banked slalom (BS). This racing is geared toward an

intermediate to advanced snowboarder because race courses are set up on blue to black

graded runs. Riders should have good control of turning and stopping skills, as they are

expected to go around several gates in a set course. Racers are timed and ranked based on the

fastest result.

The snowboards used for the disciplines will vary in shape, stiffness and size depending largely

on the rider’s preference.

Most competitors of slalom, giant slalom and parallel giant slalom will use a long narrow

snowboard with hardboots (like ski boots), stiff plate bindings, and use a forward facing stance.

These boards are also called alpine boards or plate boards.

However, riders may choose to use soft boots with a raceboard, like the Saber, for racing too.

This snowboard setup is more common in banked slalom races.

Snowboard shape and type is a personal preference and is decided on by the rider, a coach, or

whatever life situation the rider is facing. Whatever choice you make on shape we will tailor it

to fit you for the best ride.

Beginner racer – Pilot, Saber

Intermediate to advanced racer – REV, Pulse

Banked Slalom – Baker, Saber

Young Shredders – Junior

Boardercross and Banked Slalom

Slalom and Giant Slalom