Saber Gray SnowboardFinding the right snowboard for the best all mountain performance can be a challenge. offers custom boards that maximize performance on any terrain at any level.  We will help you find the right snowboard for your style and ability and make sure to maximize the all mountain fun factor.

The best all mountain snowboards let the rider rip up the park, slash the powder and rail turns.  Donek all mountain boards give you all around recreational dominance.

Maybe this is your first time on the slopes.  When you ride a Donek custom board, you will keep coming back because they are so easy to ride and so much fun.  Our Phoenix Series boards are perfect for the newbie rider.  These easy-to-ride boards are designed to grow with you as you improve.  Eventually, you can experience just about any aspect of the mountain on our Phoenix boards, making them the ultimate all mountain snowboard.  Their versatile directional shape floats in powder and slices groomed trails.  Try one today and you won’t look back.

Don’t let the idea of shopping for your first board online intimidate you.  We have been helping newbies hit to the slopes for years.  Our experienced and patient staff provide personalized one-on-one attention that the big box guys simply can’t.  For example, our staff pays special attention to the width of the board which has a huge impact on performance.  If your snowboard is too wide or too narrow, it can spell misery.  Every Donek board is specifically adjusted to your foot.  This helps avoid heel or toe drag caused by an ill-fitting board.  That way you never have to work harder than necessary to put a Donek board on edge.

Go to today for your custom all mountain snowboard and shred like you mean it!