Designer SnowboardMost snowboard designers create boards for the masses. snowboard designers create boards specifically for the individual. Our custom boards are specifically created for your unique personality, ability and riding style. was created by and for snowboard enthusiasts.  We are as passionate about the sport as you are. And, we are passionate about our founding ideal that everyone should be able to directly order a snowboard that is built just for them.  

All too often, you walk into an outdoor store and walk out with a snowboard that kind of fits.  It’s hopefully the right length and may have a couple of other attributes that “fit” you.  But what are you really getting?  Actually, you are likely settling and you don’t have to.

Our process starts by selecting the proper base board.  This is chosen based on the way you snowboard and your ability.  From there we customize each board to each rider.  We make sure it is the proper size including the critical width measurement.  Yes, length is important, but so is the width.  Too wide or too narrow can spell misery on the slopes.  Our boards are designed to fit your foot so you avoid any toe or heel drag and never have to work too hard to get your board on edge.  We finish the process by adding custom graphics that you choose so your board matches your personality.

You can feel good knowing you look good and are maximizing your performance on the hill with a Donek snowboard.  You can also feel good knowing that we work very hard to ensure our manufacturing process has as little impact on the environment as possible.  We are snowboard designers who care about the environment and continuously work to improve our processes even more.

Be your own snowboard designer.  Go to today!