Freestyle Snowboarding is thought of as the most popular style in the industry because of the

trick variety and the freedom on the mountain. This snowboarding discipline focuses on doing

ticks on jumps, rails, the halfpipe, and switch riding. Tricks range from beginner to professional


Unlike the tricks in freeriding, freestyle snowboarding techniques can be done in the air (i.e.

spins, flips, off axis spins, etc.) or the tricks can be performed on the ground (i.e. buttering,

bonking, grinding, ground spins, etc.). Freestyle snowboards are usually shorter and softer and

are used with soft snowboard boots making it easier for the snowboard set up to be

maneuvered in the air.

In our line of freestyle boards have been designed by professional athletes and coaches and will

be customized to your liking to provide the perfect snowboard ride down the mountain,

whether you are dropping into a feature for the first time or it’s your Olympic run.

Beginner to Intermediate – Twin, Phoenix

The Advanced to Professional – Transition (Halfpipe and Slopestyle)

Young Shredder – Junior