Right now we are having a contest for all the artists. We are asking them to submit a graphic for the new Donek MK snowboard, which is a limited edition
carving board. The wining art will be featured on the MK Snowboard which, like our Pilot board, is the only graphic we will put on the board.

If you, or someone you know is up to the challenge then please read below.

Winning Prizes:
Winner will have a choice of either a one year residency as a Donek in house contracted artist or a Donek Snowboard. We will also be featuring the winner
in articles and postings on our website and social media outlets. We will also provide a framed top sheet print of your design. Oh, and YOUR art being
carved and loved by many around the world.

Submission Deadline:
July 25

Please submit to:DonekMarketing@gmail.com

Online Voting Dates:
July 26 – Aug 5

Unveiling Party:
Saturday August 20th, Capitol Hill Tavern, 1225 Logan St. Denver, CO



The MK was designed to outperform a legend, the MADD158. Our goal was to make the MK a tribute to the original. The reports from our testers indicate we
have more than adequately surpassed the performance of the original MADD158.

Here are the MADD158’s original graphics




We want to acknowledge the original MADD158 artwork in some way. John Gilmore (the original designer of the MADD158) has said “As for the image, I hope
it’s a good one…like the MADD flower 23 years later as a tree getting chain sawed and milled into Doneks, or a Narco style execution for the little boy –
now Graduate school aged… ”

The artwork needs to be tasteful and not totally over the top…customers for this board are normally 35 and older.

You can get a feel from who wants this board and see posts from John Gilmore here: