Our favorite thing about the TD3 is the ease of removal. As a board builder we preach the removal of bindings whenever you wax your board. The TD3 gives you immediate access to the 4 mounting bolts, so taking the binding off the board couldn’t be easier.With close to three years of development, the TD3 is a combination of the solid foundations of the famous TD1 and TD2 but with all the improvements and changes the carving community has demanded. Over the years the Bomber Trench Digger line has had a reputation of being a “set and forget” binding. We have no plans to change that with unnecessary adjustments and parts. Keep it simple, keep it strong. This binding offers reliability and performance.

You’ll need to choose between 0 deg, 3 deg  and 6 deg cant discs for front and rear as well as the hardness (soft, medium, & hard) of the elastomer rings that sit under the binding.

E-Ring Hardness
Cants (Degrees)
E-Pad Hardness (Sidewinder only)
Lower Assembly


  • open base plate design allows easy access to mounting screws
  • fully suspended binding with extra thick elastomer ring
  • hard stops put the bail where it needs to be when you put your boot in
  • compatibility with the TD2 cants allows you to interchange parts with your TD2s
  • laser engraved angle indicators help you set your binding angles with confidence
  • everything is adjustable with one 5mm hex key
  • hardened steel stepin reciever reduces wear and makes stepping in effortless

FIN-TEC HEEL: $139        

  • Fin-Tec heels are based from the current industry standard for all snowboard hardboots. These heel assemblies will fit in most currently available hardboots with step-in compatibility.
  • aluminum main case for incredible strength and reliability
  • bearing sleeves on the main pins provide smooth entry and exit
  • hardened steel guide pins
  • replaceable heel pad