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A Donek comes with your choice of graphics on almost every model, so you are not forced to make a compromise when it comes to your riding needs and personal style.If you can’t find a graphic you like on our web site, you can always design your own or request contact information for an artist we work with to help you in that endeavor. If you’re looking for a graphic we use to produce, but can’t find it on our site, let us know, we can probably still print it.

Give your board a personal touch

Design your own artwork for your snowboard. The graphics on every board we manufacture is digitally printed. As a result you can submit your own artwork for the top sheet or base of the board.

Do you need help with the design work? Our in-house graphic artist can help. The minimum fee is $60 and includes 2 hours of work. Additional fees may apply for complex or time consuming work. Meet the Artist: Raffaella Vaz

Custom Graphics Guide

View our guide for custom graphics for pricing, tips, artwork requirements and downloadable templates.

Artist Raffaella Vaz

Originally from the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy, Raffaella Lipscomb has snowboarded her way around the world finally arriving in the stunning BC Mountains.

Inspired by nature and formally trained in fine arts, Raffaella uses her Bachelor Degree in animation to beautifully characterize the essence of this region in her art.

Specializing in illustration, concept art and custom projects, Raffaella is an award winning ski and snowboard graphic artist and is resident custom topsheet artist here at Donek Snowboards. Raffaella has also worked on new technology video games for hospitals, mobile gaming, was lead artist for a children’s book and has designed logos and apparel for various companies. Raffaella is currently working on a children’s book series.

Check out her range of greeting cards, prints and paintings at

Framed in Nature, drawn from Imagination, Comprised of Love.
Vaz Art

Artwork Samples