Custom Graphics Guidance

Pricing and Options

Custom printed top sheet: $85 (your artwork) $145 (our artist)
Custom Printed Base: $85 (your artwork) $145 (our artist)
Custom Die Cut graphics: $125 (your artwork) $185 (our artist)

Your Artwork means:
You provide the artwork in the template found on the Donek website and our designer is able to “drag and drop” the image to print.

Our Artist Means:
You provide the artwork “as is” and our designer will arrange the art for the board template and make additional changes to the design including any desired text. It includes 2 hours of design. Additional fees may apply for complex or time consuming work.

Not feeling artsy? Consult with one of our graphic design experts. Rates start around $30 USD per hour.

Available in carbonium texture
Photographic or illustrative artwork is fine
Unfortunately we cannot do Metalic or dayglow colors

Graphic Editors

There are many choices of graphic editors which can produce your image in one of the accepted formats. There are free and low-cost options, as well as, full-featured commercial products. An internet search for “Vector Graphics Editors” will give you an exhaustive list, however, the following Wikipedia page lists many of the available editors.

Vector Graphics Editor Comparison

Board Shape Templates

Download one or more of the available templates to help get you started.

Printed Graphics Requirements

  • Custom artwork should be submitted as an Illustrator, SVG, or JPG or TIF file that is 150dpi in RGB color.
  • Photoshop (.psd) files will not be accepted
  • All text (in illustrator files) must be converted to curves or outlines
  • Artwork must be rectangular in shape – do not trim the artwork to the shape of a snowboard
  • Artwork must be 3in (8cm) longer than the board and 1in (2.5cm) wider than the board at it’s widest point
  • The artwork should not contain any board outline or drawings indicating the position of the boards inserts
  • If the board outline is included in an illustrator file it must be a separate layer called “board outline”
  • Artwork must be submitted in a vertical orientation with the tip at the top and the tail at the bottom

Base Graphics Tips

Think of die cutting like a coloring book – only distinct regions of color are possible we stock black, white, red, yellow, and blue base material, you must work only in these colors you are limited to 15 inlayed pieces/parts

Printed base graphics tend to be a bit blurry so avoid fine lines.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Learn how to prepare your custom artwork with Adobe illustrator.


Learn how to prepare your custom artwork with Inkscape.