Partnership Opportunities with Donek

Please Make all partnership inquiries to Katie Tsuyuki


Individual Partnerships

Tier 3 – Entry Tier Ambassadors and Athletes

This entry tier is offered to riders who are competing in pre-FIS events (I.E. USASA), FIS cup events (I.E. NORAMS or EUROPA CUP) or World Cup events and are below top 30 for men or 20 for women in their discipline. This tier offers discounts of up to 50%, unless authorized by the team manager for exceptional results or behavior.

This tier is also for Ambassadors, discount schedule is the same. 

Discount schedule is as follows 

  • 1-2 Seasons on the team at 30% discount 
  • 3-4 Seasons at 40% discount on most snowboards, deeper discount for boards over $1350 
  • 5+ Seasons at 50% discount on most snowboard, deeper discount for boards over $1350 

Donek extends a 30% discount to team member’s immediate family. 

Tier 3 riders will not be added mid-season in fairness to the other applicants. Riders who have been on the team for three or more years are grandfathered in to hold their position. New riders are on a three-year probationary basis and can have their position revoked at the end of a season should the team manager feel they are not fulfilling their commitment to Donek.

All riders who are chosen are to be on contract with Donek and will need to be posting to social media. This is what we expect:

Complete 4 different social media posts per month from November 1 to April 30 and 2 different social media posts per month from May 1 to October 31 with Donek Snowboards tagged and mentioned. Should the athlete decide to use IG stories there must be a highlight reel on the IG profile page with a title that includes either “snowboarding, snowboard, Donek, racing, competitions, sbx” so the Marketing Manager can recall posts and timing to ensure the athlete is
fulfilling their obligations.

American Positions Available

Athletes: 5

Ambassadors: 8

All other countries are limited to 5 riders per country.


We will announce team selection for tier 3 riders between May and August.

There will be an open application period where riders will be asked to post a short unlisted YouTube video and talk about themselves, their riding, the direction in where they want to go with their riding, the areas on where they need help and improvement and why they want to represent Donek.

Our selection council will review the videos and publish an invitation list. These riders on the list will review and sign a partnership contract. Once everyone on the list has finalized their contract, we will announce the team.

We finalize our team over the summer so that by the fall we can focus on helping team members with orders for the new season.

Should riders post or perform above expectations we will reward this by increasing discounts for the next season or providing a complimentary board. 

More info can be found at this blog READ HERE

Tier 2 – Creative and Volunteer Tier

This middle tier is for riders who create video content for Donek or for riders who volunteer for a set number of hours for Donek.

Video content ideas and production schedule are submitted to the team manager who will approve them. Donek requests a minimum of six videos two to six minute videos over the season that are well edited and produced.

Creative tier athletes are offered:

  • One complimentary snowboard (this excludes a B1, but Donek will offer a 65% discount)
  • Other snowboards at a negotiated discount
  • Positions are maxed out at 8 riders

Any riders with creative ideas are welcome to reach out to the team manager at any time.

Volunteers are offered $20 per hour of Donek credit and event expenses will be covered, valid receipts are necessary for any reimbursement.

Tier 1 – Professional Tier

This is the only tier we offer fully complementary snowboards to, limited up to four snowboards. These four boards are replaced on a as needed basis unless otherwise negotiated with the team manager.

Criteria for the professional tier are as follows:

  • An over 65,000 following for social media outlets (i.e. Ryan Knapton)
  • Ranked top 20 for women and 30 for men on the FIS or TTR lists in your discipline
  • You have an exceptional agreement with the team manager.

Contractual Obligations

We do have all our representatives sign a contract that explains our expectations from a rider. The contract is for one year and includes a code of conduct, commitment to a certain number of social media posts and other expectations, such as, taking your snowboard onto the podium if a rider wins. It also outlines what we will offer to the rider. If the rider is a minor, a parent or guardian must sign and be responsible for having or helping the rider meet the expectations.


Teams who are looking for Donek partnerships are offered a 25% discount on orders of ten or more snowboards. We request some signage/logos on their websites, events, team uniforms and vehicles if available. We will provide sticker packs, a t-shirt and hat for each snowboard ordered.  Bigger discounts can be negotiated on orders of twenty or more. This is offered to competitive teams only unless authorized by the team manager.


$100 Discount

We do offer ongoing discounts for USASA members and coaches, please have your membership number available. We also have this offer for Canada Snowboard riders and some instructors. Please check upon ordering.

$250 B1 Discount

USASA competitive riders can ask for a $250 discount on B1 orders. 

To qualify for the discounts below you MUST BE APPROVED BY MARKETING BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE. Any inquires about discounts after purchase will not be honored. Contact us here 

Instructor Discount

Full time, above 40hrs, instructors are offered special discounts. Proof of full time employment is required (IE Paystub or letter from employer with full contact details) 

Lift Operator or Snow Ops Discount

Full time employees in lift operations and snow ops are offered a special discount. Proof of fulltime employment is required (IE Paystub or letter from employer with full contact details) 

Ski Patrol Discount

Full time employees in ski patrol are offered a special discount. Proof of fulltime employment is required (IE Paystub or letter from employer with full contact details)