Sean Martin – President and CEO

Sean started Donek Snowboards in 1987 and incorporated the company in 1995. He is responsible for just about everything to do with the business. A great deal of his time is spent guaranteeing all the production equipment is operating properly. His dedication to the customer is evident in the fact that he answers all of the e-mails and about 90% of the phone calls. Sean engineers all the boards and manufacturing processes. He trains the employees and oversees every aspect of manufacturing and assembly of every order. Solving challenges is one of Sean’s main passions along with providing a superior product which has been developed with industry professionals. Family, snowboard engineering and business are the focuses for this CEO and he is brilliant at it all.

Board Details
Freeride: I may pick one up again this season
Carve: The MK is my current favorite
Bindings: F2 Race Titanium
Boots: Deeluxe

Katie Tsuyuki – Marketing Manager

An active Olympian, Katie started riding for Donek in 2013 and was brought on the crew for marketing in 2016. The Transition model is the model she has contributed to most to for its design as she is a halfpipe rider who noticed a gap in technology and halfpipe riding. Katie’s main roles are digital marketing, social media and athlete manager but she helps with sales as well. She enjoys working for Donek because of the connection to the industry and ongoing learning about boards. Katie is striving for the Korean 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang and works a satellite office doing her best in both fields. Katie rides the 138cm Transition for halfpipe, a 142cm Park Twin for park and a 145cm Phoenix for powder.

Follow Katie on her website and Instagram @k_tronic_

Celia Ramos – Floor Team Manager

Working as floor supervisor and doubles as a base and prep technician Celia has been with Donek for four years. She doesn’t spend much time on the hill, riding scares her, but Celia loves being a part of the company to see it grow. Her quick eye and intelligence makes her a huge asset to the build and assuring quality products.

Keegan Keller – The Core Guy

Binding and plaining cores are what keeps Keegan busy. He likes being at Donek because of a cool work environment and he thinks it’s sick how happy our products make people. When Keegan is on the mountain he is on a 158cm Park Twin. You can follow Keegan on Instagram @this_is_keegan

Grant Schonebaum – The Press Man

In charge of layup and pressing the boards, Grant takes pride in his work as he appreciates the joy riding gives. He loves building boards and likes how involved he is in the company. Grant values his experiences with Sean and feels he can personally grow in the innovative professional environment. Grant shreds the snow on a 151cm Park Twin. He’s got a cool Instagram too @the_pressman

Tru Myrick – The Finishing Man

The last process of the build is finishing and Tru is the craftsman for the job. He has some great stone grinding and tuning skills too. Tru enjoys crafting boards that he can really be proud of. He especially appreciates a custom snowboard as he is over six feet tall and needs a wider board. When Tru is on the slopes he’s on a 170cm Phoenix and you can follow his Instagram @truchainz1

Dave Susko – Photographer

aka @fotophreak, Dave is the guy behind the lens, catching all the action for Donek team riders. Dave is in his 25th season of riding and still finds himself flipping through snowboarding magazines with as much excitement as he had from day one. His love for photography has quickly become part of his passion for snowboarding. Dave rides a Knapton Twin with a custom graphic dedicated to his late sister. Dave has been our resident photo guy in Colorado but he is going to Oregon for some big mountain shooting with our riders on the West Coast. We are looking forward to seeing his adventures over the season.

Matt Diaz – The Programmer

This guy is the master mind behind the software. Self-taught, Matt, develops the programs that make Donek tick. In the future, you will be able to follow a link to a web cam to see your board getting layed up or finished thanks to Matt. He likes working at Donek because he is always learning something new. Matt doesn’t ride but we will convince him.