Artist Raffaella Vaz

Raffaella Vaz is 23 years old and was born in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy in a place called St Vilgilio. After moving to Australia as a young Child, Raffaella spent her days surfing, swimming, diving, surf lifesaving and making art.

After studying at Qantam College in Brisbane Australia and completing a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (Animation), Raffaella worked for a video game company in Australia for a year before realizing she could not sit at a desk for such long shifts and was yearning for some shred time. . Raffaella traveled around Europe, Asia and Canada before discovering her new home in Whistler BC.

Now working as a Freelance Illustrator/Animator and Snowboard Instructor, Raffaella is chasing the endless Winter with plans for spending the 2014 New Zealand season in Wanaka. Raffaella loves her work and this can be seen clearly in her custom art options and existing digital media prints.

Artwork Samples