Demo Sale

H Front   H Back 163 Rev Black Carbonium TopSheet Sidecut: 9.5-13.7 Waist: 20cm Prototype sn(nohook-decamSLTL)3-25-14 $660

 J Front   J Back 163 Rev Black Carbonium TopSheet Sidecut: 11.5cm Waist: 20cm Prototype sn(fixedR-proto)3-11-14 $660

 K Front   K Back 163 Rev Green Carbonium Topsheet Sidecut: 7-12m Waist: 20cm Prototype sn(4-15-14tight STD camber  $660

 E Front    E Back 163 Rev Red Carbonium Topsheet Sidecut: 95-13.7m Waist: 20cm Prototype sn(nohhook proto 3-11-14)  $660  

 P Front   P Back 164 Incline Wood Carbonium Top Sheet Dragon Base Sidecut: 9-11m Waist: 29.5cm sn(3703) $450

use this one Bomber Back 171 Metal Free Carve Green Carbon Flames Glossy Top sheet Sidecut: 11-13m Wiast: 20cm Sn#(3831) Board does have a bubble and one inser that we do not believe is usable. UNSUABLE INSERT  bubbles Click to see detail $425

 R Front   R Back 172 Twin Demo Sidecut: 9.5m Waist: 28.5cm Glossy Wolf Top sheet  $360

 S Front  S Back 160 Twin Demo Glossy Sidecut: 8.7m Waist: 31cm  $360

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  E Back 157 Rev Pink Carbonium Sidecut: 7-11m Waist: 19cm D2014Ao2Pink 157 Back tail lft  Pink 157 Tail Back  Pink 157 Tail BackPink 157 blem front use $550

petals top 152 saber 152 Twin Sidecut: 7.4m Waist 24.5cm Dragon base $360