The board of choice for the Boardercross athlete leading the pack.

The Saber utilizes some of the latest technology being developed for GS and Boardercross courses. Race courses can get rutted up making it difficult to keep your line. The Saber incorporates modified camber profiles and additional rubber dampening to ensure the board keeps going where you point it.

The board features a lengthened effective edge to keep you moving at top speed. Waist widths can be tailored to your needs at no extra charge. We can help you tailor this design to meet your needs in a Boardercross application or in the gates.

Fiberglass Construction Price: $750
Metal Construction Price: $1100


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  • Vertical laminate custom ‘Symmetriflex A’ core
  • Triaxial fiberglass
  • IMS 4000 Electra sintered base available
  • Die-cut base graphics
  • Full wrap Rockwell 48 edge
  • 10-pack stainless inserts (16–25.5″ stance)
  • high gloss PBT Topsheet with your choice of graphics


Custom dimensions consistent with this construction available for $750. Easily adjust the width to fit your foot or request different lengths at no extra charge.