Buy a SnowboardWhen it’s time to buy a snowboard, make your first stop by We are a custom snowboard company created by and for snowboarders. We get it, and we get you. Donek boards are as unique as you are. We work with you to create a custom board designed for your unique style, personality and ability. When you buy a snowboard from Donek, you get the right board.

It is no secret that the right equipment makes all the difference. That is why Donek started in the first place. Our founder and owner wanted to create a way for individuals to be able to buy a high-quality, high-performance snowboard directly. That is the only way to make sure the board truly fits all your needs. It fits your size so it is the right length and width. It fits your ability to maximize your experience on the snow no matter if you are a newbie or a pro. And it fits your personality. We even customize the graphics on most of our boards. That means your board is truly one of a kind, just like you are.

Here’s how it works. We begin by understanding your specific needs and ability which determines the proper base board from which to start. From there, we customize it to fit you. We ask a series of questions designed to get to the meat of the matter and make sure we adjust the board correctly and that you maximize your fun factor on the slopes.
When you buy a custom snowboard you maximize your ride and excel on the hill. No need to try fitting into someone else’s idea of your size. A Donek board is fit specifically to your body. Stop trying to fit into the standard size chart. Get your own size chart.