Hazelwood SnowboardsThere are many different ways to buy snowboards. But there is only one way to buy the right snowboard that is custom fit just to your specific style, ability and personality. That is when you buy your snowboards from Donek.com. We have been the go-to place to buy snowboards for more than 25 years.

Our company was born out of the idea that snowboards created for each customer rather than in mass will perform better and enhance the customer’s experience on the snow. And, that passion continues today.
Donek boards are created for all rider types and abilities. Newbies will enjoy the fact that our all mountain boards are designed to make it easy to get on edge and avoid toe or heal drag that are all too common on an ill-fitting, mass produced board. Pros get off on the fact that Donek boards can help them make the podium more than any other North American snowboard manufacturer.

Our highly-trained team works with you to find the right base from which to start. We then work one-on-one to fine tune and fit the board. We consider a series of factors that allow us to zero in on the right way to set up the board and fit it to your body size, ability and style.

When you are in the market to buy snowboard, With the wide variety of snowboards for sale it’s easy to get confused. They come in so many different styles, different widths, lengths, stiffnesses and camber profiles, and each serves a different purpose. Don’t stress if you’re not sure about the technology — that’s what were here for. Our expert team works with you personally and you’ll walk away with the perfect board for your needs.