Red Donek SnowboardDonek has hand-crafted its custom made snowboards and skis in Colorado since 1987. Our creative and talented artists are dedicated dwellers of the slopes. The Saber series represents the pinnacle in Bx snowboards. The Saber utilizes the latest technology used in GS and Boardercross (BX) courses.

The board features a lengthened effective edge to keep you moving at top speed. Waist widths can be tailored to your needs at no extra charge. We can help you tailor this design to meet your needs in a Boardercross application or in the gates. Our Bx snowboards are made of vertically laminated wood and tri-axial fiberglass or metal layups ensuring the best performance.

Donek is a family-owned and operated business with a passion and appreciation for snowboarding and skiing, we take our craftsmanship seriously, and express that passion in each and every detail of our work.

When you place an order for your custom made skis, we’ll assist you in determining the best board specs that best fit you as a rider. From there we design the precise dimensions while continuing an unparalleled level of consultation and customization.

As artists and snow-lovers, we’ve coin ski design that only true riders understand.

When our team creates your skis and boards, a great deal of variables are taken into consideration. As we talk with you, we will take into account your style, strengths, personality, and specific measurements. The customized snowboards and skis that we build are always designed with our customers in mind and our goal is to bring your concepts to life with products that inspire you on the slopes.

A Donek comes with your choice of graphics on almost every model, so you are not forced to make a compromise when it comes to your riding needs and personal style. If you can’t find a graphic you like on our web site, you can always design your own or request contact information for an artist we work with to help you in that endeavor. If you’re looking for a graphic we use to produce, but can’t find it on our site, let us know, we can probably still print it. When looking for a snowboard for sale that has graphics you like and meets your specific riding needs, you may struggle find a match with other brands.

For the best boards and skis- from start to finish, Donek creates them masterfully – piece by piece, beginning with your vision and ending with a quality, one-of-a-kind product.

There is plenty of competition out there. When it comes to winning races no other North American made brand of boards was on the podium in the speed events more than Donek at the 2014 USASA nationals. No other brand of snowboards provides the support that Donek does to adaptive athletes either. We are proud to sponsor the top paralympic athletes in the world and wish them luck in their journey to the 2018 Winter Olympic games.