Custom your own SnowboardLooking for ways to create your own custom snowboard? has been helping riders maximize their ride with custom snowboards since 1987.  We know boarding and what it takes to set you up with a custom ride made just for you.  So check out and create your own custom snowboard today.

Donek boards are designed and set up to your unique specs.  Your size, style and ability.  Then we can go even farther and customize the graphics on most boards.  In the end you walk away with a one-of-a kind board that fits you, matches your personality and maximizes your fun factor on the slopes.

It may seem a bit strange to think you can get a board custom fit to you over the internet.  Donek has perfected the process and will walk you through it step by step.  We have been doing this for more than 25 years and know it works!

So where do you start?

With the wide variety of snowboards for sale it’s easy to get confused. Boards come in many different styles that each come in different widths, lengths, stiffnesses and camber profiles, each serves a different purpose.  No worries, if you don’t understand the technology — that’s what were here for.  Our expert team will work with you personally to determine the right base board to start with and then through a series of questions we will determine how to customize the fit.  You walk away with the perfect board for your needs.

Added benefit!

When you buy from Donek, you get an awesome ride custom built for you.  And, you also get to help the environment you love to spend time in.  We have worked hard and continue to improve our manufacturing processes and material choices to ensure we have the smallest impact on the environment that we can.

Check out Donek today and get your custom snowboard!