Ever wonder if you could customize a snowboard?  Well you can with the help of Donek, the leading manufacturer of custom skis and snowboards in North America.  When you ride a Donek board, you ride one that fits your style, ability and personality.  So when you are ready to customize your snowboard, check out Donek.com.

The best part of having a custom snowboard built just for you is that you maximize your ride and excel on the hill.  No more trying to fit into someone else’s’ idea of your size.  You get a board that is fit specifically to your body.  Stop trying to fit into the standard size chart. Get your own size chart.

At Donek, we start by selecting the base that best suits your needs, expectations, and ability.  Next, we ask you a series of questions designed to understand your body size and the way you ride.  That is where the magic happens.  Our experts take that information and custom fit your board.  It is this one-on-one personal attention that is the Donek difference.

You can even customize the way your board looks.  Have some fun with it.  We have a wide variety of designs you can choose from and most boards allow for custom graphics.  You may have a specific design that you created.  We can use that.  Have an idea that you don’t see?  We can help there too.  We’ll match you with an artist to design something just for you.

Now you can shred the hill on a board that is made precisely to maximize your time out there.   It feels right, performs flawlessly and looks great.  You are a unique person; don’t you deserve to ride a board that is as unique as you are?

Go to Donek.com today and make it happen!