Flux Hotrod SnowboardEver dream of shredding the hill on a custom snowboard?  Well now you can customize your own snowboard and it won’t break the bank.  Donek.com makes it possible for you to create your own customized snowboard through our online store.

Imagine it.  You, one with the snow on a board that is designed for your type and style of boarding.  One that turns on a dime, carves like mad and puts you on edge with little effort.  One that even looks like you and matches your personality.  You can have it all with a Donek snowboard.

Our company was started by a snowboarder like you in his parent’s basement in Colorado.  He had a vision the people should be able to order a board to their specs directly.  That their board should represent their personality and style.  The result is Donek, and it has been going strong ever since.

So how does it work?  We start by understanding your specific needs and ability which determines the right base board from which to start.  From there, we customize the board to fit you.  We ask a series of questions designed to get to the heart of the matter and make sure we adjust the board correctly and that you maximize your fun factor on the slopes.

Custom snowboards are for every level of riders.  We help beginners get the right start on a board that will help them learn the sport and enjoy most of the terrain on the hill as they improve.  We help pros who want to spend more time on the podium.  In fact, Donek has more podium finishes than any other North American snowboard manufacturer!

If you want the right ride, you want the right board. And, that board comes from Donek made just for you!

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