One of the best ways to shred the hill is on a customized snowboard from  We are a company created by and for snowboarders like you who don’t settle.  You want a board that is custom fit to the way you ride, your ability and your personality. will create a snowboard that is uniquely yours.

Donek was founded by a snowboarder who had a vision to create and sell skis and snowboards directly to the public.  To make them fit each person specifically.  After he perfected the idea in his parent’s basement as a teen, he branched out and created the successful and growing company we are today.

That vision is very much alive today.  Our expert team of engineers and designers are snowboarders themselves.  They get it and they get you.  When you want a board that is designed and created to fit you and perform to your standards, is the place to go.

Our highly-trained team will work with you to find the right base from which to start.  We work one-on-one to fine tune and fit the board taking into consideration a serious of factors that allow us to zero in on the best way to set up the board and fit it to your body size, ski ability and style.

Whether you are a newbie hitting the slopes for the first time, or a pro looking for more podium time, we can fit the right board to you.  In the end, you get a board that will maximize your ride and help you excel on the hill.

Imagine yourself one with the snow on a board that is designed for your type and style of boarding.  One that turns on a dime, carves like mad and puts you on edge with little effort.  You can have it all with a Donek snowboard.