Nomad SnowboardWhen you start the process to design a snowboard, you need to find a company that is experienced in creating custom boards and has great customer service. As a leading snowboard designer and manufacturer, Donek puts the need of every rider and their individuality front and center, and in some cases, all the way to the podium!

Donek is a family owned and Colorado grown company that started making custom snowboards in 1987. As snowboarders themselves, Donek prides themselves in creating custom rides for all of their clients with the highest quality development, production, and environmentally friendly materials. Each board is made in the shop for the individual rider to meet their strengths, style, personality, and measurements.

If you are looking to design a snowboard and are a beginner to the sport, a quick call to Donek can get you lined up with the best base board for your experience level and strengths. Donek offers a variety of boards, skis and accessories—let us help you choose the best model for you, we’ll make snowboard shopping seamless and personal.

For other riders looking to upgrade their riding experience, Donek offers boards for intermediate riders and advanced riders who want to move beyond well-groomed runs and the park, to the rails, the pipe, and even carve the mountain or the backcountry. Their boards are versatile and they understand that you need a quality, durable board to accomplish all of your snowboarding bucket list items.

After we build a custom board to fit your riding style and needs including the correct length and width of your board to ensure a balanced ride, add custom graphics to your board to complete the process of making it uniquely yours in every way.

Design a snowboard with Donek now!