Nomad Spaceman SnowboardEver think, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could design my own snowboard?” Well you can. was created specifically for people like you who say I want to design my own snowboard. One that is custom fit and created just for me.

Your custom board is just a click away. makes it easy. We walk you through the process from start to finish so you end up with just the right board for your unique riding style, ability and personality.  You are unique.  Shouldn’t your snowboard be unique too?

A custom snowboard is a good idea whether you’re an expert rider or just getting into the sport.  That’s because a custom board will match your physical build, your athletic ability and riding style making your time on the slopes much more enjoyable and significantly improving your performance.

A snowboard responds very differently depending on who’s riding it.  If the board is not right, it makes the sport much more difficult and tiring not to mention a lot less gratifying.   That’s the trouble with mass-produced snowboards.  They don’t consider all the variables that are necessary to fit a board to the rider and maximize the fun-factor.

Let our team of experts help you design the right board just for you.  We’ll help you select the proper base to start.  Then we ask you a series of questions designed to identify how you plan to ride the board, your turning style, how aggressive you ski, the typical snow conditions where you ski and much more.  All that information allows our people to customize your board.  

Whether you are an all-mountain, freestyle, or park rider, Donek will create a board just for you.