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Custom snowboards built to your specifications. Choose from a selection of graphics and bases or think up your own. Our experienced craftsmen work with you to produce your optimum ride.

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The Donek Experience

No other company gives you the level of confidence you get from Donek. Learn more about us and how we make our products.

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Consult with our expert craftsmen to build the perfect set of boards for your resort or back-country adventures.

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Plate systems for isolation and performance, bindings, and more.

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The Donek team has been excelling in all events. Check out our team riders.

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See riding, technical and other videos from our media library.

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Find Quality Custom Snowboards with Donek

Donek is a company that builds custom made snowboards with a very dedicated and creative staff of riders as well as craftsmen. From our shop in Colorado, we have been handcrafting some of the best boards and skis in the world since 1987. When you place an order for a Donek board or skis, we’ll help you determine which model fits your needs best. Then we’ll custom tailor the dimensions to you. We offer an unparalleled level of consultation and customization. As a family business with a passion and appreciation for snowboarding and skiing, we take our craftsmanship seriously, and express that passion in each and every detail of our work.

At Donek, when we design our custom made snowboards, we work with each and every client individually in order to better understand their specific wants and needs. As craftsmen and snow-lovers, we pride ourselves in our ability to design works of art that only true riders can appreciate.Our company specializes in a large array of snowboards, skis, and accessories that are designed with innovative shapes for the best performance in a variety of terrains. We use an environmentally friendly process when making our custom made snowboards and skis, and they are built from the finest, most durable materials, providing maximum balance and support.

When Donek builds skis and boards, we do so by taking a great deal of variables into consideration. As we talk with you, we will take into account factors such as your style, strengths, personality, and specific measurements. The customized snowboards and skis that we build are always designed with our customers in mind and our goal is to bring your concepts to life with products that inspire you on the slopes.

From start to finish, we create custom made snowboards and skis piece by piece, beginning with your vision and ending with a quality, one-of-a-kind product. We are proud to have quality snowboards for sale and skis for sale. Check out our Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks!

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