SaberSRT YellowIs your snowboard shop letting you down?  Looking for the right service, selection and a custom fit for the right price?  Check out  We provide a high quality custom fit to meet any taste, style and ability.  We are one of the top snowboard shops for snowboard enthusiasts from across the sport.

Donek was created by a Colorado snowboard enthusiast who perfected his personal boards on some of the best slopes in the world.  He learned firsthand what works and what doesn’t.  Now you can benefit from this experience.  Let Donek create a custom board that is styled and set up just for you.  No more trying to fit your body and style into a cookie cutter format.  We provide you with exactly what you need and even customize the way it looks.

Our one-on-one service starts by first determining what you need and the type of boarder you are.  We work with beginners and newbies to the sport as well as pros looking for more podium time.  Don’t let the idea of custom scare you off.  When you place an order for a Donek board, we walk you through the process by asking the right questions.  We then custom tailor the dimensions to you taking many variables into consideration such as your style, strengths, personality, and specific measurements. Then our experienced craftsmen work with you to produce your optimum ride.

The best part of is that you can shop for a snowboard in the comfort of your home or ski lodge and receive all the personal attention you need or want.  It’s just like being in the manufacturing plant without having to make the drive.

So when you are looking through all the snowboard shops, be sure to check out

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