Snowboarding’s popularity has grown to epic proportions over the years resulting in a number of snowboard companies that design and build snowboards. One of the premier snowboard builders is Donek.

Based in Colorado, Donek employs professional consultation services for the purpose of building your customized ride. With 30 years of experience, the company leads the snowboard design industry in delivering unparalleled, personalized, custom snowboards that fit your style and build.
The company realizes that the perfect snowboard isn’t a mass produced product but a very specialized and personal piece of equipment that requires a number of variables be addressed and solved so you can perform on the slopes the way you want, desire, and dream.
Some of the variables they take into consideration is the client’s style, strengths, personality, character and physical build and size ensuring their board is molded to them as though it is an extension of the body.

With the aim of getting the best snowboarding performance out of you allowing for a stellar riding experience, many snowboard companies don’t address the science behind the sport of boarding. You can rest assured that Donek is not one of those companies.

With a Donek board you will have a high-tech, customized, and personal piece of functional art that reflects your style and personality providing for a unique ride every time you race down the mountain.

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