flux-solid blackHave you ever wanted to make a snowboard? Have you learned that a factory created board doesn’t give you the versatility nor provide the comfort you need to carve up the hill like a pro? Well now you can not only make your own with Donek Snowboards, you’ll learn all that goes into making a snowboard, some of which you may not have even considered.

With our expert craftsmen building boards that are custom to each of our clients, you’ll be involved from the start to finish providing everything from technical specs to artistic preferences.

We consult with you throughout the total process learning about the different factors you want, need, and desire in your personally stylized snowboard. We’ll gather data about your height, weight and physical build so we can make a foundational platform upon which to develop your board. Well ask you about your experience and skill levels that will impact the board shapes and edges. And, well take the time to learn about you as a person so the board will reflect your personality and love of the snow.

So, though you might not be in our warehouse cutting out the unique form for your board (unless you are in the area, then come on in!), you will be involved in the making of your own custom snowboard from start to finish knowing that your personal preferences are incorporated into the board and the tech specs are based on your measurements as opposed to that of a mass produced board.