Falcon SnowboardCheck out our online snowboard shop.  At Donek.com it’s easy to get the perfect board made just for you.  Our online shop offers custom snowboards to meet any type of boarder from newbie to professional.  We are a family-owned business who cares enough to make our manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible.  When you strap on a Donek board, you feel good knowing it fits you right and that is has been made in an eco-friendly environment.

Buying snowboards online can sometimes be a bit confusing.  We work hard to help match you with what will work for your style and ability.  Snowboards come in a wide variety of widths, lengths, stiffness and camber profiles.  Let us guide you through the decision making process and help you select the perfect board.

Case in point.  Snowboard length is often said to be a key factor in fitting you to a board.  While that is true, Donek experts go a step farther and make sure the board is the right width as well.  Experience has shown that snowboard width has a big impact on the fun factor.  Too narrow or to wide can mean misery.  Every Donek board is adjusted to fit your foot size so you can be sure to avoid any drag, and that you never have to work too hard to put the board on edge.

Your custom Donek board can match your personality as well.  Most of the boards we sell can come with your choice of graphics.  No more having to pick from a limited inventory of prefab designs.  You can even design your own board graphics or you can request to work with an artist who will create your unique look.

We have a passion for the sport.  Let our dedicated staff of craftsmen, who are also riders, handcraft your custom made snowboards starting with your vision and ending with a one-of-a-kind high quality product.

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