Personalized SnowboardsWe’ve grown accustom to being able to get just what we want in the world today. You can even get personalized snowboards. You no longer have to fit into an off-the-shelf board that sort of works. has been helping customers create personalized snowboards for more than 25 years. We are here to guide you through the simple process so that in the end you get a board created especially for you.

The Donek company was created by a young man who had a passion for the idea that everyone should be able to buy a custom snowboard. That doing this meant a significant improvement in their performance and enjoyment on the slopes. That dream became a reality in 1987 and has been going strong ever since.  

When you do decide to create a personalized snowboard, you want a company who knows what it is doing. Select a company with a proven track record to ensure the board you create will actually perform as you want and expect. has a team of highly trained experts who also snowboard and ski. They understand the technology, the sport, and they truly get it.   

You can feel confident working with our team when you create your board. We pay attention to the small details that have a significant impact on the end result. And, it shows. There have been more podium finishes on Donek boards than any other North American company.  

We’re just a click away.  Our experts will help you determine the right base board to start with. Then we begin to personalize it. We work to shape the board to match your riding style and turning requirements. We make sure it fits your size to maximize performance and avoid any toe or heel drag.  And then we match the graphics to your personal style and personality.  

Your personalized snowboard awaits!