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Aloha Custom Snowboard


Big Powder Float, Little board, no compromise.

Aloha! Welcome to Donek’s newest board in the line up for Big Mountain and Freeride snowboards. Since it was designed by a Donek rider and American Boardercross World Cup team member, Senna Leith, we thought it best that he describes the snowboard in his own words.

“The Aloha is a big mountain freeride board. It has an aggressive yet flowy style for freecarving, and is built for deep powder days. I wanted a board that could handle anything I threw at it and catered to the fun, “surfy” style that I enjoy while out freeriding. I needed a board that had ample support and stability, yet was light and easy to ride with the right amount of pop and snap. I needed a board that could lay down some aggressive carves and was also able to attack the deep powder days. We have finally made the board that does all of this – the Aloha!

The Aloha has a camber profile ideal for carving, and a stiffer overall flex to provide the support needed while out charging. The stance placement is great for deep powder days, and for ripping carves on groomers. The sidecut allows for quick, whippy turns when needed. The taper on the board not only provides an easy release and “surfy” style, but it also makes life a breeze when charging through deep snow. If you’re looking for a board that keeps up on any terrain, the Donek Aloha is the answer. The Aloha is also the perfect board to make into a split for any touring/backcountry endeavors.”

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