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Banked Slalom – need we say more

Banked Slalom is becoming more and more popular, yet no other manufacturer has noticed. We started work on this puppy in 2013. The prototypes have won several events already. This is an offset twin shape with a micro grain graphite base and race derived camber profile. You can try to beat it on another brands directional twin, but you simply won’t be able to catch the Baker.

Available Customizations Width Adjusted to boot size or rider’s needs
Stiffness adjusted to weight or rider’s needs
Sidecut adjusted to rider’s needs
Choice of many standard graphics or custom
Terrain Banked Slalom, Snowboardcross, Groomed runs
Ability Level Intermediate to Advanced
Camber Profile
Shape Offset Twin
Flex Rating 5 to 9
Core Laminates Aspen with poplar insert stringers and ash side sticks
Sidewall Type ABS
Base Material micrograin sintered base with graphite
Reinforcements Triaxial Fiberglass

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