Deeluxe Heel Harness Pro


DEELUXE’s new Heel Harness Pro enables your heel and ankle to transmit maximum power and efficiently initiate turns. Available as an accessory, this super-charged Heel Harness and its exoskeleton deliver an unrivaled fit at the ankle area, exceptional support, and unsurpassed heelhold. Whereas ankle closures integrated into a boot’s shell or liner allocate pressure in a single zone, this external heel harness enfolds the entire ankle area for exceptional comfort and performance. Be one with your boots—lace up with DEELUXE’s Heel Harness Pro and take your riding to the next level.

Sold as a pair

Medium fits MP 25 to 27.5 (US 7 to 9.5)
Large fits MP 28 to 30.5 (US 10 to 12.5)