F Plate


Our F-Plate system provides partial isolation from vibrations in a snowboard. This type of system bends with the board, but is permitted to slide along the top surface of the board (usually in the front).
We offer a UPM and 4X4 system. If you have it, the use of the UPM hole pattern provides a more responsive feel and immediate edge engagement.

We have designed hardware which eliminates the binding issues prevalent in other systems. You can tighten the screws and ride with confidence that your system will function as designed. The top aluminum plates are mounted to the rails with machine screws that thread into a bar shaped t-nut recessed into the underside of the plate.
The system can be removed from your board without any disassembly. Just loosen 8 screws and the plate is removed. All hardware is captive, so you can be confident you won’t be losing parts.


The F Plate is constructed with recycled UHMW plastic and Aluminum. To our knowledge, it is the only plate system on the market constructed solely of recycled materials.