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Flux Custom Snowboard



Own the entire mountain, Fast, damp, smooth… US Olympic coach Thedo Remelink created this model with us. He describes the board as follows: This board is made to flow and ride fast in any type of terrain. From Chinese downhill with friends to powder, carving, banked slalom and racing gates. Tight or wide turns, this board will adapt and is made for speed. We’ve incorporated the saber construction and made some special tweaks to make the Flux excel in a freeride environment.

Available Customizations Width Adjusted to boot size or rider’s needs
Stiffness adjusted to weight or rider’s needs
Sidecut adjusted to rider’s needs
Choice of many standard graphics or custom
Terrain Groomed on pist runs, variable conditions, powder
Ability Level Intermeadate to Advanced
Camber Profile
Shape Directional
Flex Rating Typical 8
Core Laminates Poplar and Ash
Sidewall Type ABS
Base Material Durasurf 4001
Reenforcements Triaxial Fiberglass and rubber


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