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Park Twin Custom Snowboard



The Park Twin has a true twin shape with a camber profile and a fixed sidecut. The mid-flex rating and Donek carvibility make the entire mountain your personal terrain park. It’s always good to have the speed you need to get through a feature, so we use a high-quality sintered base that holds wax and stays fast. Included in the pricing are dimensional changes to the length, flex, and width of the snowboard so we can help you build something tailored to your riding style.

This snowboard can also be ordered extra wide +28cm at the waist for extra big boots or for extreme carving.

Available Customizations Width Adjusted to boot size or rider’s needs
Stiffness adjusted to weight or rider’s needs
Sidecut adjusted to rider’s needs
Choice of many standard graphics or custom
Terrain Freestyle Terrian like park, pipe, and natural slope features
Ability Level Beginner to Advanced
Camber Profile
Shape Twin
Flex Rating Typical 5
Core Laminates Aspen, Poplar and Ash
Sidewall Type ABS
Base Material Durasurf 4001
Reenforcements Triaxial Fiberglass


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