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All around recreational dominance.

The Raven is likely the most versatile board in our line. This cambered directional shape loves the park or pipe, floats in powder, and carves up the groomed. Its directional shape and tailored softer flex pattern provide exceptional versatility for a lighter rider. The Raven performs well on all parts of the mountain and in all conditions. Don’t forget the powder inserts add-on for more stance options in snowy powder conditions.

Available Customizations Width Adjusted to boot size or rider’s needs
Stiffness adjusted to weight or rider’s needs
Sidecut adjusted to rider’s needs
Choice of standard many graphics or custom
Terrain All Mountain
Ability Level Beginner to Advanced
Camber Profile
Shape Directional
Flex Rating typical: 5-6 – Adjusted to your weight.
Core Laminates Aspen, Poplar and Ash
Sidewall Type ABS
Base Material Durasurf 4001
Reenforcements Triaxial Fiberglass

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