Ski and Snowboard EquipmentThe right ski and snowboard equipment can have a huge impact on your enjoyment and performance on the slopes. This means equipment that has been created and built just for you. The simple fact is that most skiers and snowboarders are using ill-fitting equipment that is not properly matched to their ability and style. is the go to place to get custom made ski and snowboard equipment.

Buying custom equipment doesn’t have to be intimidating.  We’ve made it easy.  In fact, our company was started on the idea that everyone should be able to buy custom ski and snowboard equipment directly from the manufacturer whether you are new to the sport or a pro looking for more podium time.  That is the only way to ensure it is fit exactly to you and no one else.  

Mass produced equipment can only take you so far.  That is because skis and snowboards respond very differently depending on who is riding them.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported that buying equipment that is “not suited to you can make the sport more difficult and tiring – and a lot less gratifying.”  

Well-meaning sales people often mistakenly recommend the same mass produced skis or snowboards to two people who appear to be the same, but in fact ride much differently.  You may be stronger or more aggressive than the other shopper who buys the same equipment.  Chances are you both will be disappointed. changes all that.  We start the shopping experience by getting to know how you use the equipment, your style of skiing or riding, the conditions under which it will be used most often, and many other factors.  And, that’s just the beginning.  We recommend a base board from what we learn and then customize from there.  

Let us put you on the right skis or snowboard.  Check out today!