Flux Wood SnowboardWhen you take your snowboard in the backcountry you want equipment that is designed to perform and is built just for you. Donek is the backcountry snowboard of choice.

Venturing out into the backcountry for a day of shredding off the grid can be awesome. You want a board that can handle the hill and lets you enjoy the day, and stop worrying or fighting with an ill-fitting snowboard. The right equipment can mean the difference in a day of awesome fun and a day of misery fighting the mountain the entire time.

At Donek, we custom build snowboards to perform in whatever conditions you are in.  Our wide variety of snowboards are created and customized to suite your specific style of riding and ability. Newbies, free carvers, pros and backcountry riders all benefit from our continuously variable side cut radius. We fine tune your board to vary the turn shape letting you carve and turn with much less effort. Most off-the-shelf retail boards come with a single radius side cut. You lose the ability to control the shape of your turns with these boards. Donek will work with you one-on-one to determine how you ride and then create a variable side radius that will maximize your personal performance on the hill. No more trying to fit into a cookie-cutter board set up.  We create a board that is right for you from top to bottom.

We also take care of the environment you love getting out and enjoying. At Donek, we work very hard to ensure our manufacturing process has the smallest impact on the environment as possible. Take our environmentally-friendly dye sublimation process for example. It uses water based inks and a recycled paper carrier.

So before your next backcountry snowboard adventure be sure to upgrade your equipment at Donek.com