FluxLooking for the best snowboarding shop online?  Donek.com offers a wide variety of custom made snowboards for all levels and styles.  Whether you are just taking up snowboarding or are a pro who wants more time on the podium, Donek.com is the online shop for you.

We are a Colorado-based family company who cares as much about the environment as we do the sport.  We work with you to custom fit a board and graphics to suite your unique needs, wants and tastes.  Our boards have a big impact on the sport and as small an impact on the environment as possible.

Our dedicated staff are snowboard enthusiasts and know what it takes to make a board right and fit it to your specific size, style and ability.

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing to buy from an online shop.  At Donek, we work hard to help you understand what will work for your style and ability.  Snowboards come in many different lengths, stiffness, widths, and camber profiles.  We help guide you through the decision making process making sure you select the perfect board.  You can shop for a Donek board in the comfort of your home or ski lodge and receive all the personal attention you need or want.  It’s just like being in the manufacturing plant without having to make the drive.

We are so confident you’ll love your Donek board that we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee for standard orders.  Simply return your undamaged board and we will refund the purchase price.  We offer 3-day global shipping standard.  Faster service may be arranged if needed.

So where did the name Donek come from anyway?  A friend was breeding Donek Yugoslavian acrobatic pigeons when the founder started the company.  The bird’s agility, speed, flight, and freestyle nature made the name Donek an obvious choice.

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