Blue SaberSRTPart of the mystique of snowboarding is individuality.  So why are you still shopping at snowboarding shops that cannot customize your ride?  Your board is just like everyone else’s who bought that year’s model.  Why not create a custom snowboard that fits your individuality?  Donek is the snowboarding shop for you.

We are a snowboard company started by a Colorado individual with the idea that you should be able to get a board that fits your specific style of riding, your personal taste, and fit your body and ability.  And, the boards should be made in a way that has the least impact on the environment we all love.  Donek was made for you.

All our craftsmen are also boarders themselves.  This means they really get what they are doing and why it is important that the boards they make are high-quality and provide the optimal ride no matter your level.  We help newbies just hitting the slopes for the first time and pros who want to hit the podium even more this year.

Our online snowboarding shop lets you create a custom board that is uniquely yours.  No one else will have your board.  We start by making sure the board functions and fits you and then we work with you to make the graphics match your personality.

When you place an order from our Donek snowboarding shop, we help determine which base model best fits your needs. Then we custom tailor the dimensions to you taking a great deal of variables into consideration such as your style, strengths, personality, and specific measurements.

We are a family company created by and for snowboarders.  We get you and what you need.  We understand your individuality and will get you just the right board.  Check us out and hit the slopes on a Donek board made just for you.